How to make milk popcorn in Nigeria

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Four years ago I wanted to start a small popcorn business. I picked up my phone and typed “how to make popcorn” on the internet.

Did I see the answer to my question? Yes. But you know what, the answer I saw didn’t solve my need at all. I searched and searched all internet I couldn’t see a recipe that solved my need.

I went to YouTube to search for video popcorn recipes I saw a lot of videos on how to make popcorn but you know what, none of the video recipes solved my need.

Do you know where the hook is?  The writers and video instructors never show their readers how to do the commercial popcorn you normally buy from supermarkets or roadside shops.

They only show you the peripheral aspect. When you go home and practice what you saw in the video or read in an article the result you will get will be different from what you’re buying from shops. Why’s it so? I don’t know but that was exactly what I faced 4 years ago.

How did I manage to archive my goal after the whole stress of internet research on how to make commercial popcorn?

My dear, it wasn’t easy. I have to go out there and search for those who are already in the business and paid them hugely to teach me how to make commercial milk popcorn.

My beloved readers if you’re planning to start a small milk popcorn business or you’re a fan of popcorn who loves to buy one pack of popcorn each time you’re coming back from work or enjoying one while at work.

And you have been wondering if you can actually make that same popcorn in your home?  Yes, it’s possible you can make the popcorn.

Today I am going to review the whole secret of that yummy popcorn so you can start to make and enjoy your favorite milk popcorn at home or start your own small popcorn business without having to pay anyone a dime.

 But one thing I want you to know is that what I am going to teach you on this website you may rarely find the same on the internet or YouTube videos. I decided to review this secret with my dear readers out of anger.

Follow me closely

In Nigeria there are two main types of popcorn:

The local popcorn and

The foreign popcorn

In this article, I will be focusing on foreign popcorn, particularly the popular “milk popcorn”


  • Manual or electrical popping machine
  • Popping pot
  • Cooking gas cylinder and lighter/matches
  • A medium bowel
  • Teaspoon
  • A measuring cup (say liquid milk cup)


  • Foreign popcorn (2 to 4 cups)
  • Vegetable oil (e.g. kings, soya, vital) any refined vegetable oil that doesn’t congeal under room temperature will serve except the locally refined palm oil (the one that normally congeals under room temperature).
  • White sugar powder (crystal)
  • Milk flavor powder (a sachet)
  • Milk emulsion (this is the main secret of the sweet delicious appetizing creamy milky popcorn you normally buy from shopping malls or supermarket or roadside)
  • Vanilla or honey flavor
  • Industrial butter
  • Real powdered milk (misky, cowbell, Dano, lactoreache)


Lactoreache is the best brand of milk for this recipe but it’s the most expensive powdered milk in the Nigerian market. It’s very creamy and tasty.

How do you source the foreign popcorn, and the ingredients?


Go to any store that sells bakery items in large quantities and tell them that you want to buy foreign popcorn. If the person says he/she doesn’t sell it ask them to refer you to the right shop.

You may not get the whole ingredients from one shop. Just give them the list of those ingredients above.

Another thing to know is that foreign popcorn is normally sold in bags or paint. You rarely see anybody that can sell in cups.

Foreign popcorn is quite expensive but it can yield big after popping compare to local popcorn.

So as a beginner what do you do? 

Buy one paint or half paint of foreign popcorn. Or ask them if they can measure by the cup. Buy 2 to 4 cups for taste running the recipe.

Buy one sachet of milk flavor (powder-it’s yellow or pale yellow in color).

Milk emulsion, vanilla, or honey flavor is normally sold in liters. But they can divide it and give you half a liter or a quarter liter.

So can go for one-quarter of the liter. (1/4)

Some people will buy only milk emulsion. Some will buy milk emulsion and vanilla or honey flavor then mix them together.

Perhaps you buy just milk emulsion.

When I was in the business I use only milk emulsion and I normally get a deep creamy milky taste popcorn that everybody who knew me desired it.

Buy a cube of butter (the sellers can cut the butter into cubes to make it available for small business popcorn producers).

One cup of white sugar.


The foreign popcorn has been treated already so you don’t need to treat it as you do in local popcorn, so is ready for popping. That’s why people normally say that popping foreign corn is less stressful but more expensive.

manual commercial popcorn machine. living Good image

Now let’s jump to the recipe.

Get the ingredients ready:

First mix one quarter (1/4) of the milk emulsion with 75cl of oil. Pour both of them into a container that can contain both mixtures with extra space. Cover the container tightly and shake it very well until the oil and the emulsion blend very well.

Message two cups of popcorn with (a small liquid milk cup) or anything that has the same size can serve.

Measure two teaspoons of sugar into a plate.

Measure half a teaspoon of the milk powder flavor on a separate plate.

Measure half a cup of oil mixed with milk emulsion using (the kind of cup you used in measuring the corn. Shake very well before you measure.

Remove one full teaspoon of butter.

Then measure one cup of lactoreache/misky/cowbell real milk powder into a separate plate.

Now set your machine but don’t light the gas yet (either manual or electric popcorn machine)



 Place the pot on the gas.

Add the measured oil

Pour the measured two cups of popcorn inside the pot.

Add one full teaspoon of butter.

Add half a teaspoon of milk flavor.

Add two full spoons of white sugar.

Cover the pot and light the gas or switch on the machine if you’re using electricity.

Keep the flame moderate.

Start turning it right away consistently until it starts popping. As the popping sound is increasing keep increasing your turning speed.

Listen as you’re turning once the popping sound stop turns off the flame with your left hand and remove the pot immediately, open and pour the corn in a clean bowel stand-by.

Without wasting a second, spread the real milk powder on the popcorn while using a plastic spoon to mix it vigorously. After which the creamy milk tasty popcorn is ready.

The total popping time is 6 minutes once you light the machine and start turning your time starts counting.

Note the above recipe is for commercial purposes.

If you just want to pop for yourself and the family.

You don’t need to buy a commercial machine and pot.

However, you still have to buy the whole ingredients as mentioned above.

Then get one of your medium-sized cooking pots that can cover very well.

Divide the ingredients we used above including the corn into two equal parts and add to the pot. (This means you should measure one cup instead of two, one teaspoon of white sugar instead of two just like that, do the same with other ingredients)

Cover the pot and place it on your cooking gas and light the gas.

Since in this case, there’s no means of turning the popcorn while still on fire. So what do you do?

Use a tick towel to press and hold the pot cover so that popping pressure will not open the pot. So you need to press and hold the pot cover while the corn pop until you stop hearing the popping sound you turn off the flame and follow the same process above to spread the real powdered milk.

Yes, that is all for how to make milk popcorn.

FAQ (frequently asked question)

Can you add the milk powder inside the corn while popping?


No, you cannot. If you add the milk powder inside the corn while popping it will not give you the same outcome as the one you have from the supermarket or roadside.

However, you can pop the corn, after which don’t add the milk powder. It will taste yummy but not very creamy like when you spread powdered milk inside.

Can you pop local popcorn the way you pop foreign corn?


No. You cannot. The recipe for popping local popcorn is different and a little bit time-consuming. If you pop it the same way you wouldn’t get the same result. Click here to find out my previous article.

Now go and practice what you have learned from me today and come back to this website and tell me what your results look like in the comments section.

To come back to this website, simply type “” and search for “How to make milk popcorn in Nigeria” in the search option then press your enter key.

I hope you get value worth your time. I appreciate the time you spend with me. Leave a comment if find this article helpful. Do you have any other questions as regards this topic I didn’t touch here or you did have another method of popping corn? Feel free to share with me in the comments below.


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